Text Notifications

Patrons now have the option to receive a text message notification for when holds are ready for pickup. This means no more checking emails or logging into accounts; instead, a simple text message can be set up to alert when items are available for pick-up. The text message will have the item name, the branch location for pick-up, and the branch’s phone number.

Signing up for Text Message Alerts

  1. Log into your account online and go to Personal Information. 
  2. Click on Add SMS Notification.
  3. Add a name for your phone number.
  4. Add your cell phone number.
  5. Select Hold pickup notices. Anything else selected will not work as text notifications are only set up for Hold pickup notices.
  6. Click Save.

If you need to make a change to your phone number you can click on any of the text in blue and it will open up the pop up so you can edit any of the information.