Contactless Curbside Pick-Up

Library staff members are ready to take your calls and schedule your time to pick-up items that you have requested. Library staff are also standing by to place holds on books, DVDs and other library materials for you. Requesting items from outside the library system through Interlibrary Loan is temporarily unavailable. Reservations are required to pick-up your items. Returns are not accepted at curbside pick-up. Please return your items in the book and AV drops.

  • Thursday: 10 am to 4:30 pm
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Picking up your library items is a SNAP!

  1. Schedule a pick-up time by calling the library or online. You must schedule a pick-up time for items for hold within five business days of receiving notification that your items are ready.
  2. Need to bring a face mask and a piece of paper with your last name in big letters if you are using our curbside pick-up. If you have arranged contactless tabletop pick-up, a bag with your last name will be placed on the table for you to retrieve.
  3. Arrive no earlier than the start of your time slot.
  4. Pop your trunk or open a passenger window. Staff will place items in your car.

Additional Information

  1. You can receive your library materials in one of two ways, depending on the weather!
  2. Contactless Tabletop Pick-Up: If the weather is nice, you can request your library materials by contactless tabletop pick-up. The items will be in bags with your last name on the bag, as well as the last four numbers of your barcode. You may retrieve the bag from the table on your designated day and time.
  3. Curbside Pick-Up: This is explained above.
  4. Library staff will be wearing masks and ask that you wear a mask and stay in your car, except to open your trunk, if that is where you would like staff to place the items. If you have pre-arranged for outdoor tabletop pick-up (this will not be available at all branches and only during nice weather) then you would need to park and get out of the car to retrieve your items from the table.
  5. Items on hold for you have been quarantined for 72 hours.
  6. Please schedule a pickup appointment or contact the library to cancel unwanted items as soon as possible after being notified.
  7. During your scheduling phone call library staff will confirm your library barcode with you. Please have your library card ready when you call. If you do not have your barcode or do not know your library barcode, we will ask you to confirm your name, address, email or other identifying information from your library account.
  8. We will check the library materials out to your library account prior to the date and time of your arranged pick-up.
  9. Returning Items? Book and AV drops will be open for returned items. Returned items will not be accepted during the curbside service at this time.

Curbside Service FAQs

How to Book an Appointment on Picktime

  1. Navigate to or click the “Book Appointment” button found on all branch pages.
  2. Select your pick-up branch under “Choose a Location”.
  3. Select “Curbside Contactless Pick-up” under “Choose a Class: CLICK ON THE TITLE FOR AVAILABLE SLOTS”.
  4. Select the date and time that you would like to make an appointment for under “Choose a Session you want to attend”.
  5. Enter your information.
  6. Select “Book Appointment” to confirm the scheduled appointment.
  7. The appointment has been scheduled.
  8. Select “Book another Appointment” to go back to step 1 or “Return to” to return to
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