Community Rooms

We provide community rooms for the use of eligible groups to hold meetings for the purpose of conducting business or otherwise serving their membership. Please note, the library reserves the right to deny a room if it is believed that the number of parking spaces potentially taken by meeting participants would negatively impact simultaneous library programming or use. The use of these rooms is considered a public service and as such are subject to our rules and regulations.

Request to Use a Community Room

Please be aware that your Community Room Reservation is only a request to reserve a room. It is not an online reservation system. You must receive verbal or emailed confirmation from the branch indicating that the room you have requested has been reserved for your group. Without a verbal or emailed confirmation you should not assume that this request has been approved and that the room has been reserved.

  1. Read the policies regarding Community Room Use.

    This can be found in our System Policies under 22. Community Rooms.

  2. Fill out and sign a Community Room Request Form.

    Use the Lawrence Community Room Request Form for Lawrence Branch only and the Community Room Request Form for all other branches.

  3. Deliver the completed forms to the same branch you are requesting.

    This can be done by printing out the completed forms and hand delivering, mailing, or faxing them to the branch. Please see our Contact Us Page for more information.