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A comprehensive list of videos that discusses how to use varying computer essentials. If you like any of the videos below, please check out this playlist.


Hardware (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, etc.)

Internet and Research

Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Office is a set of programs for common productivity tasks, including a word processing program, a spreadsheet tool, and presentation software.

Programs are usually purchased together as a software package, often referred to as MS Office Suite. Some programs can be purchased separately through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Office is often updated and new versions are released. The current version is 2019.

Microsoft Office is offered in several packages, each one tailored towards three types of users: home, business, and enterprise. Home packages are available for either personal use or family use. Different packages have different prices.

Microsoft Office can be obtained either as a one-time purchase or through a subscription.

The subscription, called Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), is renewed each year. Subscribers get the latest features and updates when they are released, as well as 1 TB (per user) of cloud storage in Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft Office offers free, web-based versions of some its programs. These have limited functionality compared to paid versions.


Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows you to:

  • Type and make changes quickly;
  • Change the look of your document;
  • Move text without retyping;
  • Insert graphics, such as shapes, pictures, and tables;
  • And more!

Microsoft Word files are called documents. You can save, edit, and re-save a document as many times as you need.

Common applications include: essays, resumes, cover letters, and legal documents.

Introduction to Word


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to:

  • Organize, sort, and filter data;
  • Perform calculations quickly and easily;
  • Format data ranges and tables;
  • Visualize data with charts and graphs;
  • And more!

Data is entered into a spreadsheet — a grid consisting of vertical columns and horizontal rows.

Microsoft Excel files are called workbooks. You can save, edit, and re-save workbooks as many times as you need.

Users can choose from a wide array of different calculations. Answers are updated automatically upon any changes to data values.

The program hosts many other useful features and tools through which data can be manipulated, sorted, filtered, and visualized.

Common applications include: maintaining budgets and savings plans, tracking financial data, and locating & visualizing trends.

Excel Introductory Videos

Part One
Part Two


Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that allows you to create and show slides to an audience.

With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can design an engaging slideshow quickly and easily through the program’s many built-in design themes, transition and animation tools, and AV capabilities.

Common applications: classroom and workplace presentations, conferences, webinars, portfolios, and travelogues.

10 Steps to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Part One
Part Two


Microsoft Publisher is a publishing program that allows you to create graphically-oriented materials.

Unlike Microsoft Word, Publisher focuses more heavily on page layout and design than on text composition and proofing.

Common applications include: newsletters, cards, announcements, and flyers.


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