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All resources are provided by us at the Mercer County Library System or JerseyClicks, a statewide electronic resources program offered by the New Jersey State Library.


Resources from our Librarians

An in-depth look at the essential elements of an effective Resume, tips on formatting, action words to use as well as things to avoid while putting your resume together written by our Librarians.

Below we’ve collected videos to help you begin your job search and overcome some common challenges.

Career Advisor Ashley Rizzotto shares 3 tips to finding a career that meets your goals and helps you to lead a fulfilling professional life in this inspiring TEDx Talk.

In this video, you’ll learn more about improving your job search mindset.

In this video, you’ll learn how to get experience for an entry-level job, how to add transferable skills, and how to explain not having experience in a cover letter.

In this video, you’ll learn more about how to fill out online job applications, including, how to manage lengthier applications, timeouts, interface and navigation issues, and resume reader errors

One-Stop Job Seeker Services

One-Stop Career Center | Mercer County, NJ

The One-Stop Career Center provides a number of services to job seekers throughout Mercer County. Call our office at 609-989-6523 or visit us at 26 Yard Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08650 for more information or to get started with any of the services detailed below.

The services provided by the One-Stop Career Center to job seekers include…

  • Resume writing workshops
  • Interviewing assistance workshops
  • Academic & skills assessment
  • Career counseling
  • Computer, copier & fax machine training
  • Automated job matching
  • Positive Recruitments and emailed notifications regarding employment opportunities
  • Dedicated Veterans Services unit
  • Workforce Learning Link provides academic preparation and remediation
  • Occupational Training

Workforce Learning Link

workforce learning link

Are your current skills holding you back from going after a great job? Mercer’s new Workforce Learning Link (WLL) aims to help people improve their skills today while keeping an eye on the future. The WLL is designed to provide adult learners and young adults (18 -24) with short-term computer-assisted basic skills education and literacy services. “Our One-Stop Career Center strives to connect people with tools for self-improvement so they can be ready for the competitive job market, and I encourage job seekers to take the first step and reach out to our team,” said Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes.

Through WLL, you can: 

  • improve your basic computer skills
  • increasing your educational levels
  • build your English language skills
  • prepare for entry into post-secondary or advanced occupational training
  • help secure or improve your employment opportunities

For more information, call 609-989-6224 or email

NJ Career Network Job Seeker Community

A FREE online community to help you in your job search and connect you with other people who are (or have recently been) looking for jobs and with our volunteer coaching network.

This community understands that your job search will not be successful unless you are okay, both physically and mentally. They will share resources and conversations about looking for a job. You can ask questions, get feedback, and learn new job search skills. They will also talk about everything else in your life that you need to manage at the same time. Losing your job is a crisis, but we can help you cope and find your next opportunity.