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Writing a Resume

Resume Review

Our librarians will review and proofread your resume or cover letter and offer feedback on recommended edits and changes, including grammar, formatting, and overall layout.

An in-depth look at the essential elements of an effective Resume, tips on formatting, action words to use as well as things to avoid while putting your resume together.

What is a Resume?

Why Include a Resume?

Sometimes a resume is optional: Include it anyway because it

The Information Needed for Creating a Great Resume

*In order to apply online, you might need your supervisor’s name, title, company address, email and/or phone number.

Types of Resumes



Formatting the Chronological Resume

Should It Be Only One Page?

Employment Section

Formatting a Resume Using Google Docs

Your Resume: Things to Avoid

Your Resume: Key Points

Sample Resume

First & Last Name
123 Main Street
Anywhere, NJ 11111

Seasoned inventory control manager with 3+ years of experience supporting store operations, managing employees, and improving store performance. Looking to contribute these strengths to the overall success of your organization.

Big Superstore, Anywhere, NJ, January 2017 – present
Inventory Control Manager

  • Oversee daily tasks, including inventory management, monitoring orders, and developing reports.
  • Coordinate with external inventory agency the semiannual storewide inventory for company stockholders.
  • Enhanced inventory control practices by using forecasting techniques. Led to a decrease in overordering.
  • Collaborate with other store managers to maintain consistent store merchandising and product availability.

KB Supermarket, Anywhere, NJ, March 2010 – January 2017
Shift Supervisor (June 2013 – January 2017)

  • Supervised grocery department, 15+ employees. Trained new hires, delegated daily tasks, and performed quarterly employee evaluations.
  • Oversaw ordering and fulfillment of 1,000+ products.
  • Led merchandising programs to improve product visibility and increase sales.
  • Increased annual department revenue by 30% between 2013 and 2017.

Clerk (March 2010 – June 2013)

  • Promoted to shift supervisor. Recommended by department manager and store manager.
  • Maintained fully stocked shelves to meet high customer demand.
  • Demonstrated quality work both independently and as a part of a team.

NJ State College, August 2014 – May 2018
BS in Business Administration, May 2018

Retail Management Certificate, County College, May 2019
CPR Certification, Red Cross, July 2017

Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
Fluent in Spanish

Writing a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Review

Our librarians will review and proofread your resume or cover letter and offer feedback on recommended edits and changes, including grammar, formatting, and overall layout.

All the ins and outs of a cover letter, including a step-by-step breakdown and a sample that you can use to recreate your own!

Why Include a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter Basics

Elements of the Cover Letter

Formatting the Cover Letter

Formatting a Cover Letter Using Google Docs

Your Cover Letter: Key Points

Sample Cover Letter

First & Last Name
123 Main Street
Anywhere, NJ 11111

March 30, 2020

Great Foods Supermarkets
105 Food Drive
Somewhere, NJ 22222

Re: Merchandiser (33-4545)

Dear Hiring Manager:

It was with great interest that I read this career opportunity with Great Foods Supermarkets on your company website. With over ten years serving a variety of roles in the supermarket industry, it is now my goal to offer my wealth of knowledge and experience toward the continued success of Great Foods Supermarkets as a merchandiser.

When I began with Great Foods Supermarkets in 2017, I immediately took a b interest in the chain and its daily operations, and with this enthusiasm I have earned the reputation as a hardworking, self-motivated, and knowledgeable employee who delivers favorable results. During my time as inventory control assistant, I have developed a working knowledge of the company’s expansive product base. My expertise allows me to perform important duties with high proficiency, including inventory control, department merchandising, and supervision of the staff. On the sales floor I maintain a proven track record of b customer service skills with both vendors and patrons.

I also hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration through which I demonstrate a wideranging knowledge of retail operations, best practices, and effective communication and analytical skills.

I now seek to offer these assets as a merchandiser, and to advance my knowledge and skills under the guidance of Great Foods Supermarkets. I am confident that my experience will grant me an interview, and I look forward to meeting with you. I have uploaded my resume for your review. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.


First & Last Name

Interviewing Skills

Job Interview Practice by Appointment

Prepare for your upcoming job interview by meeting with an MCLS staff member to sharpen your interview skills. Using GoToMeeting (video conferencing software), you will get the chance to practice interviewing, as well as get feedback to help make your interview stronger.

Help with preparing for an interview and tips for before, during, and after the interview.

Preparing for the Interview

Making a Good Impression

During the Interview

After the Interview

List of Action Verbs


  • analyzed
  • ascertained
  • assessed
  • compared
  • computed
  • conceptualized
  • concluded
  • confirmed
  • critiqued
  • deciphered
  • deliberated
  • determined
  • devised
  • diagnosed
  • estimated
  • evaluated
  • examined
  • forecasted
  • formulated
  • integrated
  • investigated
  • justified
  • measured
  • negotiated
  • prescribed
  • prioritized
  • projected
  • questioned
  • rated
  • recommended
  • researched
  • scrutinized
  • studied
  • substantiated
  • synthesized
  • validated


  • addressed
  • apprised
  • arbitrated
  • attested
  • authored
  • clarified
  • communicated
  • composed
  • convinced
  • corresponded
  • drafted
  • edited
  • explained
  • informed
  • interpreted
  • lectured
  • marketed
  • persuaded
  • presented
  • promoted
  • publicized
  • queried
  • reported
  • spoke
  • summarized
  • translated
  • wrote




  • accelerated
  • accomplished
  • achieved
  • acquired
  • advanced
  • bolstered
  • boosted
  • built
  • coordinated
  • created
  • dedicated
  • demonstrated
  • enriched
  • established
  • expanded
  • expedited
  • implemented
  • improved
  • increased
  • initiated
  • innovated
  • inspired
  • introduced
  • launched
  • minimized
  • mobilized
  • modernized
  • modified
  • multiplied
  • overhauled
  • pioneered
  • revamped
  • revised
  • spearheaded
  • stimulated
  • suggested
  • updated
  • upgraded


  • administered
  • advised
  • allocated
  • allowed
  • appointed
  • approved
  • assigned
  • authorized
  • chaired
  • coached
  • delegated
  • designated
  • directed
  • educated
  • elicited
  • employed
  • empowered
  • enabled
  • encouraged
  • endorsed
  • enhanced
  • facilitated
  • fostered
  • founded
  • guided
  • hired
  • influenced
  • instructed
  • interviewed
  • judged
  • led
  • moderated
  • monitored
  • motivated
  • officiated
  • recruited
  • sanctioned
  • supervised
  • trained


  1. arranged
  2. assembled
  3. budgeted
  4. calculated
  5. cataloged
  6. centralized
  7. charted
  8. classified
  1. collected
  2. compiled
  3. consolidated
  4. correlated
  5. indexed
  6. linked
  7. orchestrated
  8. organized
  1. oriented
  2. planned
  3. processed
  4. purchased
  5. recorded
  6. regulated
  7. scheduled
  8. systematized

Problem Solving

  1. aided
  2. alleviated
  3. ameliorated
  4. augmented
  5. counseled
  6. customized
  7. debugged
  8. eased
  9. elevated
  10. enlarged
  11. extended
  12. extracted
  13. finalized
  14. fulfilled
  15. generated
  1. identified
  2. interceded
  3. invented
  4. lightened
  5. polished
  6. procured
  7. reconciled
  8. rectified
  9. reduced
  10. refined
  11. reformed
  12. rehabilitated
  13. reinforced
  14. rejuvenated
  15. relieved
  1. remedied
  2. remodeled
  3. repaired
  4. restored
  5. retrieved
  6. revitalized
  7. revived
  8. settled
  9. solicited
  10. solved
  11. streamlined
  12. strengthened
  13. supplemented
  14. transformed