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Snowglobes in the Display Cases

Phoenix Smith

December 2019

I’ll never forget that moment in Seattle twenty-five years ago when I found a Las Vegas snow globe in a vintage shop. When shaken, the two dice inside rolled numbers in the snow and I bought in on the spot. That was the beginning of a collection that continues to grow.

I now have over 1,000 snow globes that recognize everything from states, countries and historical monuments, to sports, religion and birthday parties. The subjects they capture can be almost anything. There are fashion snow globes from Chanel and Saks Fifth Avenue, and special celebration snow globes like the 1964 New York World’s Fair and the Newark News Master Salesman Award of 1958.

Did you know that thousands of snow globes were manufactured at the legendary Atlas Crystal Works in Trenton during the 1940’s? Or, that the West German snow globes have the best blinding snow storms when shaken? These are two of the many facts that have me on a constant search for what could be the best snow globe yet.

This show presents the seasonal holiday snow globes of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years.  Have fun exploring all the interesting personalities of these globes.  And if you have any snow globes that need a loving home, please contact me at