Computer Classes


A complete list of hands-on, informational sessions offered by professional librarians. Free and open to the Public.

Registration Rules

  • You may sign up for eight classes per month. PCs are guaranteed to the first 16 sign-ups who arrive on time.
  • If the class is full... Come anyway! You can observe or get the PC of the person who did not show.
  • You can repeat a class twice. You can be an observer many times.
  • Master the skills in the level 1 classes, and build a stronger foundation before moving to the next level of a class. You may retake a class as needed!
  • All Office courses will be taught using Microsoft Office 2013.

How to Register for Classes:

  • Registration for the computer classes begins at 9:30 a.m. on the 25th of each month. If the library is closed on the 25th, registration begins the day after.
  • You can register in person at the Lawrence Branch Library or at any of the Branches. Or, you can register online (above). No telephone or e-mail registrations are accepted.
  • You may pick up a printed schedule at any of the Mercer County Library Branches.

Please note:

  • If you have registered for a class and cannot attend, please call the reference desk (609-883-8292) to cancel so that we can offer the computer to another person.
  • If you fail to show up for three classes and also do not notify us, then your registration for the rest of the classes for that month will be cancelled.
  • Free Computer Classes at the Lawrence Branch are geared for adult learners, unless otherwise noted. At this time the Lawrence Branch does not offer computer classes for children.
  • Please choose a class or classes based on your need and ability.
  • A printed certificate of attendance is available. Upon attending the class or workshop, please approach the instructor to request that a certificate be issued at the end of the program.
  • These courses are offered to the general public on a first come first served basis. Educators wishing to earn professional development credit for these courses should register in the normal manner and will attend classes with other members of the public.
Beginner Level

Mouse Basics: Learn to click, highlight text, scroll, cut & paste and click & drag. These skills are essential to all subsequent classes.

PC Basics: Get familiar with Microsoft Windows 10. Learn important computer terms, and get comfortable with computers use!

Internet 1: Discover what browsers like Edge do. Visit interesting websites and learn to use Search Engines to surf the web.

Library Catalog: Practice using the library catalog to look for books, audio books, music and movies from the library, home, or office. Place holds from home! Learn helpful search techniques. Please take Mouse Basics and Internet 1 first.

Open Lab Time: This is an unstructured, project-oriented class. Bring a project or let us suggest one. Practice what you learned in your classes. An instructor will be available to help you. You must register!

Intermediate Level

E-Mail 1: Sign up for free e-mail service with Yahoo. Send your first message!

E-Mail 2: Learn how to attach a resume or a picture file. Please take E-Mail 1 first. Remember to bring your e-mail address and password.

Excel 1: Learn the basics of this spreadsheet program. See how easy it is to input and edit data. Make some simple calculations. Strong mouse skills are essential.

Excel 2: Do different calculations, freeze panes, insert comment boxes and practice formatting. Take Excel 1 first!

PC Essentials: Work with the Windows environment. Use the many features of the Start button. Rename, move and delete files and folders using Windows 10. Take PC Basics and Word 1 first!

Internet 2: Learn valuable search techniques and get tips on evaluating websites. Requires some Internet experience!

Word 1: Learn to work with a Word document. Format and edit, then type, preview and print a simple document. Strong mouse skills are essential!

Word 2: Learn to work with Tabs and the Office Ribbon. Explore the many extra features that can help you create a professional-looking document. Take Word 1 first!

Advanced Classes

Digital Audio & Overdrive: This is a beginner's guide to Windows Media Player, iTunes and MCL's newest service, OverDrive audio books. Includes tips on how to select and use an MP3 player. Feel free to bring your MP3 Player!

Digital Photography 1: Get started with digital photography from choosing a camera to photo editing basics such as cropping & re-sizing. Feel free to bring your digital camera!

Digital Photography 2: Learn more advanced editing techniques such as scratch removal and adding artistic effects. Feel free to bring your digital camera!

eLibraryNJ: Learn to use the Mercer County Library's free downloadable audio book service. Download and transfer the audio books to CD, MP3 player or to your iPod.

Excel 3: Learn to insert charts to highlight your document's most important information. Proficiency in Excel 1 & Excel 2 required!

Excel 4: Learn to insert pivot tables to create dynamic views of information. Proficiency in Excel 1, Excel 2, & Excel 3 required!

Facebook: Have fun learning to use the various applications available on this social networking website.

Family History: Find out how to research your family tree using online research databases such as and others.

Internet 3: Discover what browsers like Edge and Mozilla Firefox do. Learn about the security and privacy features in Edge. Explore more features in Google! Requires some Internet experience!

Legal Resources Online: This class will provide an overview of various types of legal materials available online.

NoveList: Do you belong to a book club or just like to read, but aren't sure what to read next? Learn all about Mercer County Library's reader advisory database, which helps you find new authors and titles that match your literary tastes.

PC Advanced: Learn to work with Windows 10. Explore the various features in the Accessories folder. Learn all about Gadgets, Jump Lists and more.

PowerPoint 1: Create a basic presentation using PowerPoint. Learn to add new slides, text and images. Strong Word skills required!

PowerPoint 2: Add pizzazz to your presentation with animations, music and much more. Strong Word skills required! Take PowerPoint 1 first!

Publisher: Newsletters, posters and brochures are a snap with Publisher. Work with text & images. Strong Word skills required!

Résumé Makeover: Bring a saved copy of your résumé to class! Help topics include formatting, writing a cover letter and various helpful tips that will make your resume look professional. Proficiency in MS Word needed!

Twitter: Learn to use this free social networking service that lets users send and read messages known as tweets. Web 2.0: Learn about emerging technologies called social software. Discover how RSS, wikis and blogs are changing the way we share information.

Word 3: Learn to work with tables and text boxes; explore WordArt and copy pictures from ClipArt or the Internet. Take Word 1 & Word 2 first!

Word 4: Create a letter head and a document template. Use mail merge to create labels and form letters. Proficiency in Word 1, Word 2 & Word 3 needed!

Mouse Basics: There’s more to mousing comfortably than clicking! Learn to right-click, scroll and click & drag. These skills are essential to all other classes.

Computer Basics: Increase your computer comfort. You’ll learn about disks, drives, files, folders and Windows. Skills include using menus, toolbars, dropdown menus, and the task bar.

Get Audiobooks: Bring your own laptop and learn how to get free audiobooks through Listen NJ!

Internet Basics: Learn how to use an internet browser like Microsoft Explorer. Learn how to use website addresses and navigate links. Visit websites for travel, news, finance and research!

Introduction to Word: Learn to write letters or reports. Open and close files and save your work in a new folder. Type, preview and print a simple document. Learn to insert Clip art. Strong mouse skills required!

E-mail: Sign up for free e-mail service with Yahoo. Learn to send and receive messages!


Introduction to Publisher: Use Microsoft Publisher to create a sign. Learn how to add pictures and how to make newsletters, banners, brochures and calendars!

Excel for Beginners: Use MS Excel to list and sort information in a spreadsheet. Input data and use simple formulas.

Please call 908-448-1330 to register.

Individual classes available in Word, Excel, and internet searching.

Call 908-448-1474 to make an appointment.

Hopewell staff are happy to tailor a class to your individual needs – this may be especially helpful to those just beginning to use the computer or mouse. We offer instruction for using the Internet, Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint), and database training. These classes are by appointment only - please contact the branch for an appointment.

Check our monthly calendar for classes on topics including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and other Internet applications and programs. We also offers classes on how to download free ebooks and audiobooks from eLibraryNJ. If you cannot attend a class, please call - we can set-up a one-on-one instruction session for you.

Technology One on One: Need help with an e-reader? How about getting started with Facebook or setting up an email account? Come in for some one on one help! Call for a half hour appointment: 609-443-1880.

Excel Beginner: Learn the basics of Excel by making a sample spreadsheet. We’ll make simple charts using formatting, autofill and, formulas.

Excel Intermediate: Pivot tables and conditional formatting, working with charts, and ways to download Excel-compatible spreadsheets, and much more. Please take Excel Beginner first!

Excel Advanced: Build on your Excel Intermediate skills, and learn to work with data. Work with pivot tables, convert data ranges to tables, and use goal seek and subtotal. Link data between workbooks and worksheets. Proficiency in Excel Beginner & Excel Intermediate is required!

PowerPoint: Create a basic slideshow presentation using slides. Learn to add animation, clipart, and transitions between slides.

Publisher: Create documents that emphasize design, such as calendars, flyers, greeting cards, résumés, and advertisements. Work with pages, text, text boxes, and images. This class is appropriate for Publisher beginners and intermediate users who are comfortable using a mouse or keyboard.

Word: Work with tabs and groups. Learn to quickly navigate through the document. Use tools to cut, copy, and paste; format text; add bullets or numbers; set margins; and insert graphics.

Word Intermediate: Learn to create résumés, letters, flyers, and newsletters. Insert text boxes, WordArt, and tables into the document. View the finished product in various layouts. Proficiency with basic Word functions is required!

Word Advanced: Resize and reposition text boxes, adjust columns in tables, draw objects, and insert symbols. Learn how to create a polished Word document. Proficiency with Word Intermediate functions is required!

Many of the PCs and printers used to offer Internet access to the public were purchased through grant monies made available through the New Jersey State Library Technology Grant Program.