Live Chess Tutoring

Brainfuse HelpNow has added a new enhancement to their service – live chess tutoring!  They cite the popularity of chess as a pastime during the pandemic and interest driven by the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” (the story is also available as an eBook, eAudiobook, and physical book through MCLS) as the reasons behind including chess tutoring in their offerings.  Chess tutors have “certifiable qualifications such as high Elo ratings (2000+), chess coaching experience, and previous or current titles (e.g. expert/candidate master).”

To access live chess tutoring,

  1. Go to Brainfuse HelpNow in our resources list.
  2. Login with your library barcode and PIN.
  3. Under the heading “Expert Help,” click on the “Featured Service” to connect to a chess tutor.