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Looking for a particular journal, eBook, magazine, or newspaper? The new Publication Finder application is a state-of-the-art knowledge-base search service for locating publications in your institution’s collection, regardless of publisher or provider. Below, you can view the various features of the new Publication Finder, which include both searching and browsing publications. Note that only selected and not hidden publications are retrieved, whether in search mode or in browse mode.

Full Text Finder (Buscador de Texto Completo) / Publication Finder (Buscador de Publicaciones) Generalidades

To search Publication Finder:

  1. Click the Publications link (or Hierarchical Journal link) at the top of the Full Text Finder screen.Publication Finder Link The Publication Finder screen is displayed.
  2. Enter search criteria in the Find field. (e.g. title, subject, or ISSN/ISBN). To search for a specific publisher use field code PB (e.g. PB Elsevier).OR Click on a Discipline (if made available by your administrator) to browse a result list of titles related to that subject. Note: Each discipline includes a number that indicates the number of related publications in your institution's holdings. Publication Finder screen A result list is displayed.
  3. Use the limiters and facets under Refine Search in the left-hand column to refine your results. For example, if you would like to limit your result list to only Journals, click the Journals link in the Resource Type facet under Limit Your Results.Publication Finder Result List Note: If the Keep Search Limiters checkbox is enabled below the Find field, you can create another search using the same limiters by simply entering a new search term in the Find field and clicking Search.
  4. From the Result List, use the Search within Publication box (when available) to enter search terms and locate full text articles from that publication.OR Click the Full Text Access link to view all of the resources from which you can view full text articles for that title. Note: The Search within Publications feature appears for:
    • Publications that are indexed within your EDS profile. (EDS Customers)
    Search Within Publication on Result List
  5. Click an article or publication title to view the detailed record.
  6. On the detail screen, you can view citation information about a publication or article, as well as Search within the Publication for full text articles, and view all sources of full text for the publication or article by clicking the Full Text Access link.Publication Finder Detail Screen

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