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PC and Internet Users Policy

You can hit any key to begin. The Log-on screen will appear. You will see this message in the box on the left hand side:

EnvisionWare 1

EnvisionWare 2

The log-on confirmation screen below tells you how much time you have used and how much is left for the session and the day.

  • Express PCs - 20 minutes sessions
  • Regular PCs - 120 minutes at one time, no 15 minute break.
  • Some Branches - 1 hour PC, no 15 minute break

All patrons get 2 hours of time per day. You can log on as many times as you want, but you cannot (for the most part) exceed 120 minutes per day. (See Internet Use Policy for more on supplementary time.)

EnvisionWare 3

When you have no more time remaining on the computer, you will see the pop-up box below.

EnvisionWare 4

You will get three warnings/messages telling you the amount of time you have remaining:

There are TEN (10) or FIVE (5) or TWO (2) minutes remaining in your session.  Please save your work to a flash drive or floppy disk. All unsaved changes or any files saved on this PC will be lost when your session ends.

If the library is closing in 15 minutes, you will see the following message:

EnvisionWare 5

The time remaining bar below floats above all programs. If you click Done, you will log-off. If you still have some time remaining then you will have to log in again.

envisionWare 6  

Printing and Downloading

If you wish to save a copy of your work, you may bring your own flash drive for downloading. Information can be saved to the hard drive temporarily, but will be deleted when you log off.

To protect your privacy, anything you save on our PCs will be deleted once you log-off. This includes any files, passwords or website history. Our software does not track internet activity.

Printing costs .10 per page—please pay at the reference desk.

The Library cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to a patron’s disk or any virus contracted through computer use.

If you experience difficulty using the computer, please notify staff immediately.

Please do not shut off or attempt to reboot the computer yourself—the PC will reboot automatically when you log-off or your time expires.

  • The Library reserves the right to terminate a PC session at any time.
  • Staff can only provide limited assistance with the programs loaded on the PCs
  • .

 Library cardholders (see below) will be allowed a maximum of 120 minutes of PC time per day. Lawrence Headquarters has 19 Adult public access PCs, including 2 Express 20-minute PCs, and 17 120-minute PCs. Patrons who use the Express PCs will be logged off after 20 minutes. On the 120-minute PCs, the time can be used all in one session or in any increments the patron wishes. There is no longer an enforced interval between sessions on the 120-minute PCs.

You may use only your own barcode and are limited to 120 minutes of PC time per day. The use of a barcode other than your own will result in a suspension of PC privileges.

EnvisionWare is a PC and Internet Registration software product that runs on public access computers in academic and public libraries. For each computer session, the software prompts you to type in your library barcode number. The software validates the barcode number against a database of authorized users.

Users will need one of three cards to access the PCs:

  • A Mercer County Library System Library Card: Patrons with a library card are all set to log on!
  • Internet Only Card: Patrons not eligible for a traditional library card, but who reside in a non-participating municipality in Mercer County, will be required to apply for an Internet Only Card. An Internet Only Card is also issued to those who do not reside in Mercer County but use our public PCs on a regular basis. This card will only allow use of PC stations; you will not be able to check out library materials. There is an annual fee of $2.00 for an Internet Only Card and valid ID, with a current address, is required.
  • Guest Cards: Patrons visiting from out of the area who need PC access during a brief stay will be issued a Guest Card. You may register for a Guest Card three times in a six month period during one calendar year. Valid ID, with a current address, is required.

Patron Confidentiality

The Mercer County Library System is committed to the confidentiality of our patrons. We do not use your personal information for any other reason than to statistically monitor the use of our resources. We do act in accordance with NJ Confidentiality of Library Records Law (NJSA 18A:73-43.1), which prohibits us from disclosing library records unless directed to do so through a court order or subpoena. We also act in accordance with the USA PATRIOT Act, which was created by President Bush and Congressional leaders to respond to the legitimate concerns of national security.