Interlibrary Loan Request

Want a book that our Library System does not have? Fill out the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request Form to request that item to be loaned from somewhere else in the state! We will contact you with more information about your request. This is best used for specialized, expensive, or older books that a typical bookstore or library does not have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to request items through ILL?
    Only those with a valid Mercer County Library card can borrow ILL items.

  • How long will it take to receive the item requested?
    One to three weeks, depending on whether the item is held by a New Jersey library. If it is not, and is only held by a few libraries nationwide, it could take longer than three weeks.

  • Should I fill out an ILL Request Form or a Suggest for Purchase Form?
    Typically, if you want to request a newly published/released item, we prefer to purchase it rather than loan it from another library. In this case, please use our Suggest for Purchase Form. Otherwise, fill out the ILL Request Form below to request older items from libraries outside our system.

  • What types of items (materials) can be requested through ILL?
    You can request articles, audiobooks on CD and cassette tapes, books, nonfiction blu-rays and DVDs, and microfilms. Be aware that we can only fulfill requests for physical items; audiobooks available at another New Jersey library; nonfiction audiovisual blu-rays and DVDs; and items that we do not already own.

  • How do I request an item through ILL?
    You can request an ILL by filling out the ILL Request Form below. Alternatively, you can request an ILL in person at any of our branches or by phone at 609-883-0245.

  • How much does an ILL cost?
    Typically, there is no charge beyond the $0.10 per page for black and white photocopying. However, some academic and special libraries charge to interlibrary loan items and may charge a higher per page fee for photocopies. We will get your consent before fulfulling a request that requires an additional cost.

  • How many items can I request through ILL?
    There is a limit of three item requests and three copy/scan requests per patron.

  • How long can I keep the item?
    Items can be checked out for four weeks. No item is automatically renewable. To determine if a one-time renewal of the item is possible, contact the ILL Office at 609-883-0245 or no later than three days prior to the due date.

Please review the full ILL Policy for additional information.

Guidelines for submissions

  1. Do not use this form to suggest purchases. There is a separate Puchase Suggestion form.
  2. Make sure that the item you are looking for is not already in our catalog.
  3. Requests are limited to the following per patron at any one time. Use one form per request.
    • three item requests — Audiobooks, Books, Blu-rays, DVDs, and Microfilm
    • three copy/scan requests — Articles and Microfilm
  4. Requests may take two to four weeks to process.
  5. Items that we will not borrow for are:
    • Feature (fiction) films
    • Music CDs
    • Playaways
    • Games
  6. Books on CD/Cassette can only be requested from other New Jersey libraries.
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