Exam Proctoring

In all events of proctoring, MCLS does not charge fees for proctor service; any and all expenditures discussed here are solely for printing, mailing, or reproducing test materials.

MCLS will proctor two types of exams

Print examinations that are pre-printed and designed to be completed on paper or examinations received electronically from the educational institution by email or electronic download, which are then printed. Printed exams are mailed to the testing institution in their entirety, together with a postage paid return envelope or, if accepted by the institution, returned electronically after having been scanned and uploaded to an approved site, or scanned and sent to the institution as an attachment to an email message (please note that students are responsible for any printing costs associated with the test).

Online at the educational institution’s website, or at a surrogate site approved by the examining institution. Online exams may include unique or specific technical requirements. These requirements should be reviewed with the Reference Department, who will in turn consult with the library’s Information Technology Department, at least one month prior to the administration of the exam, and preferably as soon as any requirement regarding the exam are forwarded to the proctoring branch. Staff at the branches should not attempt to install or alter software on the public or staff PCs in order to administer an exam.

Returning a Completed Exam

Staff will use the envelope and postage provided by the institution. If an envelope and postage are not provided by the institution, neither the mailing enclosure nor the postage will be provided by MCLS; both the mailing enclosure and the postage must be provided by the student to the library personnel administering the examination prior to the commencement of the examination; if the student does not have the requisite mailing enclosure and sufficient postage, the student will not be permitted to take the examination until she or he produces the requisite postage-paid enclosure and postage. In such a case, the examination will be held for 30 days, after which it will be returned to the examining authority or disposed of. In all events, no student will be permitted to place in an enclosed mailer, transport to a mailing site, or otherwise take custody of an examination that has been deemed completed.

At the conclusion of any test, the student will have no further contact with the testing material, nor its return mailing enclosure (if applicable). Library personnel will mail/return the exam as per the educational institution’s instructions. Students may in no way photograph, photocopy, or otherwise reproduce by mechanical or written means, any portion of the completed exam.