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West Windsor Computer Classes

West Windsor Branch
333 North Post Rd.
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

West Windsor Computer Instruction Programs are listed here.

Computer Class Descriptions

Excel Beginner: Learn the basics of Excel by making a sample spreadsheet. We’ll make simple charts using formatting, autofill and, formulas.

Excel Intermediate: Pivot tables and conditional formatting, working with charts, and ways to download Excel-compatible spreadsheets, and much more. Please take Excel Beginner first!

Excel Advanced: Build on your Excel Intermediate skills, and learn to work with data. Work with pivot tables, convert data ranges to tables, and use goal seek and subtotal. Link data between workbooks and worksheets. Proficiency in Excel Beginner & Excel Intermediate is required!

PowerPoint: Create a basic slideshow presentation using slides. Learn to add animation, clipart, and transitions between slides.

Publisher: Create documents that emphasize design, such as calendars, flyers, greeting cards, résumés, and advertisements. Work with pages, text, text boxes, and images. This class is appropriate for Publisher beginners and intermediate users who are comfortable using a mouse or keyboard.

Word:  Work with tabs and groups. Learn to quickly navigate through the document. Use tools to cut, copy, and paste; format text; add bullets or numbers; set margins; and insert graphics.

Word Intermediate: Learn to create résumés, letters, flyers, and newsletters. Insert text boxes, WordArt, and tables into the document. View the finished product in various layouts. Proficiency with basic Word functions is required!

Word Advanced: Resize and reposition text boxes, adjust columns in tables, draw objects, and insert symbols. Learn how to create a polished Word document. Proficiency with Word Intermediate functions is required!

Computer Class Handouts and other Tutorials