Suggest for Purchase

Suggest for Purchase

Want us to purchase a book that you want to read and that will benefit our collection? Fill out this form for us to consider your suggestion! We will contact you when we decide to purchase the book or not. Please do not request upcoming releases more than three months in advance.

Guidelines for Suggestions

  1. Must be a Mercer County Library card holder.
  2. Request limit is 3 suggestions per month.
  3. Request 1 title at a time.
  4. Please do not request:
    • Films in DVD or Blu-Ray that have not yet been released
    • Music CDs that have not yet been released
    • Books more than three months prior to publication

We are restricted to buying from NJ vendors and can only order what they have.

    Please include your first and last name.

    The 14 digital number on the back of your Library Card. Please do not include the spaces.

    If you do not have an email address, please keep

    Please include the area code as well.

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