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Playaway Launchpad is the first-ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet created just for children in a circulation environment. Each Launchpad is pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps grouped by age, grade level, subject area and theme.

What type of content is available?

Each Launchpad is custom curated with a high-quality, ad-free app pack. App packs are grouped by age, grade level, subject area and theme. Subject area packs include English language arts, math, science, language learning, critical thinking and creativity. Themed learning packs include princesses, animals, transportation, dinosaurs, space and more. Each pack has at least 10 apps pre-loaded for learning and fun.

How long can I keep a Launchpad?

Circulating Launchpads have a one week loan period, with a 50 cents a day overdue fine. You may renew a Launchpad 4 times. There is a checkout limit of 3 Launchpads per card user.

An In-House Launchpad is meant to be used only in the library and has a loan period of one hour. This type of Launchpad can be renewed once. Please note that these types of Launchpads must be returned the day you borrow them. If they are taken out of the library or not returned on the day of use there will be a 50 cents a day overdue fine until returned. There is a checkout limit of 3 Launchpads per card user.

What if I lose or damage a Launchpad?

There is a $70 replacement fee for any lost or damaged Launchpad. Also there are the following charges for any lost parts:

  • Replacement fee of $70
  • USB Power cord: $7
  • AC Adapter for above cord: $10
  • Launchpad Replacement Bumper (the silicone protector around the Launchpad): $9
  • Orange Launchpad Circulation case: $13
  • One-time security lock: $1

What is the parent console?

The parent console visually summarizes how time is spent on the device according to 6 different learning areas. It also highlights the top 3 apps played.

What is the battery life and charging time required?

The battery lasts 4.5 continuous play hours and takes approximately 4 hours to fully re-charge from a dead battery with a wall charger and 6 hours via USB cord. Don’t worry, you can enjoy the tablet while it is charging and it can even be charged in the car.

How will I know how much battery life is left?

The battery indicator can be viewed at the top right of home screen. The battery indicator is displayed as green when charging and when the remaining battery is at 15% or higher. The battery indicator is displayed as red when the remaining battery life is low and under 15%. A pop-up message will also appear indicating low battery life.