Catalog Update

Catalog Update

As of 7/13/2021, our catalog does not support Internet Explorer. This is due to Microsoft announcing Internet Explorer’s end-of-life for 6/15/2022. On that day, Internet Explorer will be uninstalled and users will be automatically directed to use Microsoft Edge. Our IT Department suggests that patrons using Internet Explorer switch to Microsoft Edge soon for an smoother transition.

Want an introduction to Edge? Sign up for an Internet 1 Technology Class taught by our Technology Instructors and/or read through the Internet 1 Handout created by our Technology Instructors.

Import favorites in Microsoft Edge

You can import your favorites from another browser or a file.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge  and select Settings and more  at the top corner of the window.
  2. Select Favorites  > Import.
  3. Under Import from, select the browser from which you want to import your favorites or select Favorites or bookmarks HTML file.
  4. Choose what you want to import from the browser or choose the file you want to import.
  5. When the import is complete, you’ll see a notification. Select Done.
  6. If you imported from a file, you’ll find your imported favorites in a folder on the Favorites bar. The folder may be called Imported.


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