Friends of the Library

Library lovers everywhere are invited to join their local Friends of the Library group. These dedicated volunteers advocate for libraries, raise funds, sponsor events, and host used book sales. By contributing as a library Friend, you can make a lasting impact: Friends can literally make the difference between a budget increase or cut for their libraries. Since the beginning of the American library movement, Friends groups have been formed by citizens using their collective powers to do everything from running a book sale to ensuring that our American library legacy remains viable. By contributing as a library Friend, you can make a lasting difference for your library.

Our library system does not have one specified Friends of the Library group, however 6 of our 9 branches have their own. You can find these listed below. If you would like information on how to create a library group for the other branches, please refer to Become a Library Friend | I Love Libraries.

Friends of the Library Ewing Branch
The Friends of the Hickory Corner Library is an association of persons interested in the Hickory Corner Branch of the Mercer County Library System. Our goal is to focus public attention on resources and services and to support and cooperate with the library in developing library services and facilities for the community.
Friends of the Hightstown Library
Friends of the Library Hopewell Branch
Friends of the Lawrence Library
The Friends of the Twin Rivers Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the library, its services and programs by building volunteer involvement and raising funds to provide special programs and materials that benefit all of our patrons and that are not included in the library’s regular budget. 
The Friends of the West Windsor Library are composed of neighborhood volunteers who work to promote and strengthen their local branch library by raising awareness about the group, the library and by raising funds for the benefit of the local library.