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Mercer County Library System's Mission

The Mercer County Library System recognizes that access to information empowers individuals with knowledge and opportunity. The Library is committed to providing materials and services that satisfy the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of our diverse community and strives to encourage a lifelong interest in reading.

Purpose of Our Website

  • To maintain an informative, educational and recreational website.
  • To keep the community informed of library events and services.
  • To assist library patrons with accessing the Internet.
  • To assist library patrons with navigating the World Wide Web.

The Mercer County Library System Web Site was produced in a collaborative effort by the members of the Mercer County Library Staff and County Administration Officials. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Library via our support form.


Web Sites that have been selected and posted by the Mercer County Library System do not in any way signify an endorsement by the library of either the contents of the external website or the organization that the site was produced by.

Parents and other users of the Mercer County (NJ) Library System Web Site should be aware that links may change over time.The library cannot be held responsible for links that may have degraded and now point to "unacceptable" sites that are unrelated to the link's original target. Requests to have any such links removed will be reviewed and acted on as quickly as possible. Requests to add additional external page links to this website are subject to the discretion and approval of a Library Oversight Committee.

Any questions, comments or suggestions will be forwarded to the appropriate administrative or professional member of the Library Staff as soon as possible.

Any Mercer County Library System or Government logos which are posted on this site are non-reproducible under penalty of law.

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