2021 Amateur Photo Contest Display

2021 Amateur Photo Contest Display

Thank you for everyone who participated this year! This year’s theme was “Happiness Is…”. The below are the prize winning photo entries, the honorable mentions, and the staff picks. For the gallery of all photos, go to the gallery on google photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jijB1FhHufG3Xaw99.

First Prize

Happiness is… the First Day of Summer Vacation
by Meghan Dwyer

Second Prize

Happiness is… Living in the Present Moment
by Lauren Scott

Third Prize

Happiness is…. a Cool Bath
by John Vanellis

Honorable Mentions

Happiness is…. Singing for your Soulmate in Serene Snow
by Rajendra Goyal

Happiness is…. Enjoying the Little Things in Life
by Priya Paranjpe

Happiness is… Sibling Love
by Darrick Williams

Staff Picks

Happiness is… a Mother’s Love
by Asok Baral

Happiness is… Watching a Sunset
by Piyush Bhartiya

Happiness is… Discovering Covered Bridges
by Jorgen Wit

Happiness is… Saltwater, Sand, and a Chew Toy
by Laura Liao

Happiness is…. an Indigo Bunting Singing
by Laura Nawrocik

Happiness is… Sleeping in the Sunshine
by Margaret Lockman

Happiness is…. Being in Nature
by Lopamudra Sinharay

Happiness is…. Making New Friends
by Elena Nickerson

Happiness is… Sharing your Secret with Someone
by Queenie Chen

Happiness is…. Sharing
by Anita Bhala

Happiness is… Being under a Canopy of Umbrellas
by Rohit Tiwari

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