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Government Officials


Federal Government Officials

Vice President
The Cabinet


Senate Leadership
Senate Committees
Individual Senators
New Jersey Senator Cory A. Booker (D)
New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (D)

House of Representatives

House Leadership
Individual Representatives
Representative Christopher Smith (R) - District 4 (East Windsor, Hamilton, Trenton, Hightstown, Washington)
Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) - District 12 (Ewing, the Hopewells, Lawrence, Pennington, Princeton, West Windsor)

Supreme Court

Current Justices
Case Documents

New Jersey State Government

New Jersey Legislature
Senate and Assembly Leadership
Find Your Legislators
New Jersey Supreme Court

Mercer County Government

Boroughs, Townships and Municipalities

East Windsor Township
Ewing Township
Hamilton Township
Hightstown Borough
Hopewell Borough
Hopewell Township
Lawrence Township
Pennington Borough
Robbinsville Township
City of Trenton
West Windsor Township